Merival Explores The Past With Her “Lovers” EP

merival interview

With her wise beyond her years lyrics, 2 stellar EP under her belt, a number of collaborations with various artists (including First Rate People, Luke Lalonde and Anna Wiebe) and the first tour completed, it’d seems like Anna Horvath would be sitting on top of the world. And to some, she is. 2016 has been a successful year for Hovath’s dreamy, folk moniker Merival but between everything it’s hard to find a scene of validation or sense of belonging as a woman in the music industry. Even with a vast number of amazing women out there making music, it’s something to overcome and although at times her self-diagnosed “impostor syndrome” and personal anxiety may slow down the process, it never stops the Toronto based artist from unveiling her lyrics about love, heartbreak and confusion as they flow along her gently plucking, folk melodies. Her latest release Lovers, recorded by Asher Gould-Murtagh, and the tour that follwed have been triumphant lead ins for Horvath to succeed with new music, a potential full length and the ever growing number of show dates around SW Ontario. After the tour I got the chance to sit with Merival as we discussed her experiences the first time on the road, revisiting old music and overcoming your anxieties as an artist.

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