Danielle Fricke Controls Her Own Tides With “Moon”

danielle fricke interview

Upon first seeing Danielle Fricke many are entranced by the full, atmospheric sound that the quiet girl and her electric guitar can create. Her hauntingly beautiful form of bedroom pop music has been gaining a whirlwind of attention, especially in Fricke’s hometown of London, ON. Over her years in the local music scene and with her previous band Snow Mantled Love, she’s had time to hone her gift and mold ideas and aspects into her own for the long awaited collection from Fricke’s solo efforts, Moon. Although we were introduced to the soaring soundscapes of the album over a year ago but the record got put on the back burner while the search for proper representation came around. That would come in the form of Porchlight Coffe & Records out of Seattle, a record label that had previously worked with friend Keaton Henson (his album Romantic Works was actually mixed by Fricke). Besides mixing she had managed to extend her talents to others while creating visuals for her music and the music of others, scoring short films and has already begun playing with the music for her next release.

I met up with Danielle at her “mom-agers” (mom-like friend that asks as a manager) home where we discussed the record, matching images to her music and enjoy her complete control.

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