Love And Feminism Run High In Coco Collins’s Construction & Destruction

construction and destruction

It all started one London eve on a bus ride to a rave. David Trenaman and Colleen (Coco) Collins met and fell in love. And where first comes love then comes marriage then comes a band? At least that’s the order the east coast duo followed to get where they are now. After being together for more than 20 years and playing their brand of shoegazey, spook rock music for close to 10 they have yet to strain their creative connection. Especially now with their forthcoming album, their first since 2013’s Dark Lark, due out this year and the stream of residencies at their old, coastal home in Nova Scotia, “The Quarantine (because if you’re going to produce your own brand of “spook rock” you’re going to do it in an old spooky house by the sea). And of course their continuing collaborations and the occasional “life on the road” stints that musicians usually do to keep themselves busy. During their last trip to where it all started, Dave and Coco played the winter music festival put on by friends in Out of Sound. It was during this trip I was able to chat with Coco about celebrating a decade of Construction & Destruction, collaborating with artists of different genres and the importance of women in the music world.

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