MUSIC VIDEOS: Songs from September 4th-15th

The Beaches – “Late Show” (Alt Rock//Toronto, ON)

Director: The Beaches

The Weather Station – “Kept It All To Myself” (Folk//Toronto, ON)

Director: Maya Bankovic

Alex Lahey – “I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself” (Garage Rock//Melbourne, AU)

Director: Callum Preston

Previously released tracks:

Mise En Scene – “Waster” (Garage Rock//Winnipeg, MB)

Originally released: June, 2017//Director: Emma Higgins

Alvvays – “Dream Tonite” (Dream Pop//Toronto, ON)

Originally released: July, 2017//Director: Matt Johnson

Cults – “I Took Your Picture” (Synth Pop//New York, NY)

Originally released: August, 2017//Director: Elliott Sellers

Chastity Belt – “Stuck” (Shoegaze//Seattle, WA)

Originally released: June, 2017//Director: Leena Joshi

Lonely Parade – “No AM” (Psych Rock//Peterborough, ON)

Originally released: September, 2016//Director: Shawn Kosmo

Wolf Alice – “Beautifully Unconventional” (Alt Rock//London, UK)

Originally released: August, 2017//Director: Stephen Agnew

Julien Baker – “Appointments” (Bedroom Pop//Memphis, TN)

Originally released: August, 2017//Director: Sophia Peer

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