THE PODCAST: Episode #10 – Selfish Love//September 5th, 2017

Tune in at the 32 minute mark for an interview with Julie Doiron


Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Meadow” (Root Rock//Kent, OH)

Florist – “Understanding Light” (Bedroom Rock//Brooklyn, NY)

Jessie Ware – “Selfish Love” (Dream Pop//London, UK)

Alex Lahey – “Lotto In Reverse” (Garage Rock//Melbourne, AU)

Charly Bliss – “DQ” (Alt Rock//Brooklyn, NY)

Weakened Friends – “Hate Mail” (Grunge Rock//Portland, OR)

Julie & The Wrong Guys – “Love and Leaving” (Grunge Rock//Toronto, ON)

Bully – Running (Alt Rock//Nashville, TN)

Triples – “Nice” (Fuzz Rock//Toronto, ON)

Kero Kero Bonito – “Rock & Roll Star” (Oasis Cover)(Psych Pop//London, UK)

K.I.D. – “Pack a Day” (Dream Pop//Toronto, ON)

Yumi Zouma – “Persephone” (Bedroom Pop//New Zealand)

Girli – “Hot Mess” (Electro Pop//London, UK)

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