MUSIC VIDEOS: Songs from Episode #9//August 28th, 2017

Weaves – “Walkaway” (Art Pop//Toronto, ON)

Director: Morgan Waters

Baby! – Bite My Tongue (Surf Rock//Orlando, FL)

Directors: Kaley Honeycutt, Chris Chew, & Allison Chew

Diet Cig – “Harvard” (Garage Rock//New York, NY)

Director: Emily Dubin

Potty Mouth – “Twisted” (Grunge Rock//Northampton, MA)

Tuppaware Party – “Liquid Melancholy” (Dream Pop//Sydney, AU)

Director: Shelly Fitzpatrick

The Big Moon – “Pull The Other One” (Garage Rock//London, UK)

Director: Pooneh Ghana

Visuals created for songs from past episodes:

Blue Hawaii – “No One Like You” (Synth Pop//Montreal, ON)

Director: Blue Hawaii

Phoebe Bridgers – “Motion Sickness” (Bedroom Rock//Los Angeles, CA)

Director: Justin Mitchell

The Weather Station – “Thirty” (Folk//Toronto, ON)

Director: Tamara Lindeman

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