THE PODCAST: Episode #7//Play The Field (August 7, 2017)


L.A. Witch – “Baby In Blue Jeans (Psych Rock//Los Angeles, CA)

Diane & The Gentlemen – “Boyfriend” (Garage Rock//New York, NY)

Palehound – “Room” (Bedroom Rock//Yonkers, NY)


Yumi Zouma – “December” (Alt Pop//New Zealand)

Tall Friend – “KB” (Bedroom Pop//Philadelphia, PA)

High Bloom – “Laundry” (Ambient Pop//Baltimore, MA)

Rainer Maria – “Forest Mattress” (Emo Rock//Madison, WI)

Bully – “Feel The Same – (Alt Rock//Nashville, TN)

Partner – “Play The Field” (Pop Rock//Sackville, NB)

Grace Mitchell – “Capital Letters” (Alt Pop//Portland, OR)

Century Egg – “Ki Swui Kya” (Jangle Pop//Halifax, NS)

Deerhoof (ft. Lætitia Sadier) – “Come Down Here And Say That” (San Francisco, CA)

Weaves – #53 (Art Rock//Toronto, ON)

SZA – “Supermodel” (R&B//Maplewood, NJ)




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