MUSIC VIDEOS: Songs from Episode #6//July 31st, 2017

Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Sorry is Gone” (Twang Rock//Kent, OH)

Director: H.S. Naji

Jen Cloher – “Regional Echo” (Bedroom Rock//Melbourne, AU)

Director: Annelise Hickey

Julie & The Wrong Guys – “You Wanted What I Wanted” (Punk Rock//Toronto, ON)

Illuminati Hotties – “(You’re Better) Than Ever” (Garage Pop//Los Angeles, CA)

Director: Mark Lammerding

Alex Lahey – “Every Day’s The Weekend” (Pop Punk//Melbourne, AU)

Director: Callum Preston

Anna Of The North – “Someone” (Dream Pop//Oslo, Norway)

Director: Anna Lotterud & Russell Crank

Purity Ring – “Asido” (Electronic//Edmonton, AB)

Director: Megan James

Kesha – “Learn to Let Go” (Pop//Los Angeles, CA)

Director: Isaac Ravishankara

Peach Pyramid – “Repeat Myself” (Dream Pop//Victoria, BC)

Douse – “Unrest” (Art Rock//Vancouver, BC) (Live session)

Director: Benjamin Houde-Hostland


Waxahatchee – “Never Been Wrong” (Bedroom Rock//Philadelphia, PA)

Director: Ricardo Rivera

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