THE PODCAST: Episode #3//Suffer Me (July 3rd, 2017)

ep 3 banner


Amy O – “History Talking” (Alt Rock//Bloomingdale, IN)

Tristen – “Got Some (Bedroom Rock//Chicago, IL)

Deerhoof – “In Spite of Survival” (Noise Pop//San Francisco, CA)

Basement Revolver – “Tree Trunks” (Alt Pop//Hamilton, ON)

Baby! – “Weather Girl” (Surf Rock//Orlando, FL)

Ratboys – “Molly” (Garage Rock//Chicago, IL)

St. Vincent – “New York” (Art Pop//New York, NY)

Half Waif – “Cary” (Experimental Pop//Brooklyn, NY)

Samantha Urbani – “Go Deeper” (Synth Pop//Brooklyn, NY)

Sheer Mag – “Suffer Me” (Groove Rock//Philadelphia, PA)

Teenanger – “Just Drop It” (Post Punk//Toronto, ON)

Peeling – “Wandering Womb” (Noise Rock//Toronto, ON)

Partner – “Sex Object” (Stoner Rock//Sackville, NB)




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