THE PODCAST: Episode #2//Cut To The Feeling (June 26th, 2017)

ep 2 banner

DIANA – “Moment of Silence” (Dream Pop/Toronto, ON)

Anna of the North – “Lovers” (Synth Pop//Oslo, Norway)

SZA – “Drew Barrymore” (R&B//Maplewood, NJ)

Little Coyote – “Electric” (Folk Pop//Toronto, ON)

Kashka – “Hold Steady” (Experimental Folk//Toronto, ON)

See Through Dresses – “Pretty Police” (Alt Pop//Omaha, NB)

L CON – “Form of Space” (Electronic//Toronto, ON)

Cherry Blaster – “Rosary, Mon Cherie” (Gothic Pop//Toronto, ON)

Bad Channels – “Exo” (Dark Wave//Toronto, ON)

Vallens – “Dark Tunnel” (Shoegaze//Toronto, ON)

Planet Creature -“Travelling Band” (Psych Rock//Toronto. ON)

The Rip Nancies – “Mess” (Blues Rock//Barrie, ON)

Fruit & Flowers – “Subway Surfer” (Grunge Rock//Brooklyn, NY)

Big Thief – “Shark Smile” (Garage Rock//Brooklyn, NY)

Widowspeak – “Dog” (Shoegaze//Brooklyn, NY)

Carly Rae Jepsen – “Cut To The Feeling” (Pop//Vancouver, BC)


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