NEW MUSIC: Gemology – “Come Around” (Synth/Dream Pop//New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA)


With Gemology Natasha Chitayat and Joanie Wolkoff prove that distance is only a series of numbers when it comes to making music. Since Chitayat’s move to LA two years ago, the ladies have had to use the power of the internet to produce their reuniting dream pop number “Come Around”. The magnatism of Wolkoff’s weightless vocals and Chitayat’s sparkling synth meoldies and springing drum machine beats is strong in the track that the pair talked about. They said:

“We’re bi-coastal pen pals who wrote ‘Come Around’ together through the digital ether with an entire continent between us. When we do hang out on the same soil, we get to be our giddy, goofball old-soul selves and get fired up over bubble tea and urban wildlife… and of course, we dish the dirt about love. We wanted to capture that energy and gift it, distilled in a song, to people at any age, in any location or any walk of life. “Come Around” is a love song shimmering with uncertainty and euphoria.” 

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