NEW VIDEO: Nikki Fierce – “Beautiful Heart” (Grunge Rock/Post Punk//Toronto, ON)



Post Punk trio Nikki Fierce travel back to fall 2015 and their melodically janged single “Beautiful Heart” with the Mashie Alam visual treatment. Just in time for the comeback show happening tonight (September 23rd) at The Central, in their hometown of Toronto. Featuring members  Claire Nola, Evangeline Fitz and Emily Curran, the video depicts the group receiving makeovers that leave them filthy and humiliated. “It shows that women are crushed by external forces and by societal pressures daily,” Nikki Fierce said in an email statment. “What begins with simply a bit of makeup, spirals out of their control as they are violently piled with food, dye, and garbage. This symbolizes the effects of consumerism and society’s expectations of women.” Check out the video below!



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