NEW MUSIC: Yard Sard – “Cool Creamy Dreamy Me Me’s” (Bedroom Pop/Garage Rock//London, ON)


There’s no denying that we love the Arnold sisters. We’ve been captivated by sister Megan’s sparkling, wonderous pop project Shhh and we asked their quirky garage rock outfit, Yard Sard, to open for Basement Revolver during the summer. Now their debut EP as Yard Sard is available for our at home listening pleasure, complete with 5 bedroom pop ditties. While these tracks maybe be simply written with charmingly acute drum claps and steady strums that flow from the guitar, they are expertly crafted with their naive lyrics about surfing the net and Senpai. (but when will they notice me!) Geek out with the Arnold sisters and give Cool Creamy Dreamy Me Me’s a  listen and a download (free/PWYC) below!

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