NEW MUSIC: Animalia – “Face On” (Electronic/Dream Pop//Toronto, ON)

animalia face on

The Toronto based singer drops the weighty single “Face On”, third  from the upcoming LP.

With her debut album right around the corner Animalia gives fans another taste with the ethereal and self-expressive “Face On”.  The Tasmanian native’s atmospheric vocals soar and resonate over the rippling synth tune in the recent single.  She explains the struggle behind the track in a statement:

“I think people that are emotionally sensitive to the world around them often feel betrayed and abused by the power those events have over them. But that self-awareness, often feels like self-obsessiveness, feeding a guilt cycle.
The world seems to toy with your emotions, picking you up and then dropping you back down just as quickly. ‘Face On’ plays with the idea of being in an actual relationship with the world – the world being the collective of life and it’s events – and in a moment of hopelessness I ask it how and why can it be so cruel and yet, how can I remain so deeply in love with it at the same time.”

Culvert Music will release the album (dissonance) on April 15th.

Check out the last single “Paradise” here.

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