Cupcake Ductape Introduce London To Their Sparkle Punk Attitudes

cupcake ductape interview

Alanna Gurr and Steph Yates are Cupcake Ductape and they want you to “get over it!” The two self-proclaimed sparkle punks have already been making noise in their hometown of Guelph, ON, while being associated with groups like Shopkeeper, Milk & Honey, The Greatest State and Little Room Labs, the recording studio owned and operated by Yates. Now the duo have cranked the volume with their collection of gritty and fuzzed out, bubblegum punk tunes. Quick paced and raw ditties about anything from puking over bad service, shitty birthdays and Judy Dench, these two have taken the riot grrl attitude and poured sugar all over it.

I got to ask bassist Alanna Gurr a little about Cupcake Ductape before their set during London’s Winter Spectacular music festival, where they’ll show the Forest City what a couple of chicks with rad attitudes can do.

What is Cupcake Ductape? What motivated the two of you to start a “sparkle punk” duo?

Alanna: Cupcake Ductape is sweet excuse for Steph and I to sing songs about all the things that piss us off and that we love. It’s also a nice time to make brunch, eat cupcakes and work on being loud and taking up more space. We both play in Shopkeeper, bass and drums, and found we were making up fun little bits while goofing off during practice and we decided to follow the fun and embrace it.

All your songs are so fast and loose, loud and proud. Do you find with your musical backgrounds you have to turn off what you know to write the music for Cupcake Ductape?

Alanna: Yes, it has definitely been a learning process but that is why it is so fun! I think we are both not afraid to try out new things in front of each other and I never would have tried it is Steph wasn’t so encouraging of letting out my yell. She’s the best.

The songs are pretty have a quick and fun simplicity to them but still contain lots of breakdowns and back and forths that give them a spontaneous feel. How much planning goes into writing a song or do you kind of just write as you go?

Alanna: We write completely together at the Little Room Labs Studio. Basically we say, “let’s write a tongue twister” or “let’s write about being a server and having to field everyone’s stupid complaints all day,” and then we just hit something and mostly whatever we do first sticks. I guess it’s kind of a capturing of the moment process.

Can’t wait for you girls to be part of this year’s Winter Spectacular. Any thing you guys are looking forward to during the festival? Any bands you’re stoked about?

Alanna: Yes! This will be our first festival experience! We can’t wait to come to London and definitely to see all the bands but if I had to pick I’d say I’m stoked to see Construction/Deconstruction the most.

You’re playing the London Girls Rock Camp Showcase on the Saturday of the festival. You two are actually working on starting a Girls Rock Camp in Guelph.

Alanna: We are still in the planning stages but have received some funding so far and are super looking forward to the camp! We can’t wait to get a group of future little rockers together.

What is to be expected from a Cupcake Ductape live performance?

Alanna: Get ready to get over it!

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