NEW VIDEO: Summer Twins – Demons (Surf Rock/Dream Pop//Riverside, CA)

summer twins

Artist: Summer Twins (Riverside, CA)

Album: Limbo (Burger Records)

Released: October, 2015

Director: Owen Schwartzbard

Chelsea Brown from the band, said this about the clip:

Everyone has their own “demons”—they’re the little voices in the back of your mind that make you doubt yourself and tell you not to take risks. They can be vicious; they’ll lure you in and beckon you back to safety. If you fall into their trap, you become a victim, allowing your demons to stunt your potential. But if you can find the courage to face them and explore that darker side of your mind that you’d often rather ignore, you might just have a breakthrough and discover artistic bliss. In a way these demons are the catalyst in making your vision come to life—they may just put you through hell first.

For our video we wanted to portray our demons in a strange alternate “Limbo” world. We took inspiration from the 1966 Czechoslovak filmSedmikrásky (or “Daisies”) and worked with director Owen Swchartzbard to create the story. All of the props were handmade with the help of our friends and we shot the video on a hot day at the dry river bottom in our hometown of Riverside.

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