Colleen Green Wants To Stop Doing Things That Are Bad For Her


With her stoner chic attitude and her collection of home recorded garage rock tunes Colleen Green is no stranger to the west coast DIY scene. Now, after grabbing the attention of Hardly Art Records and the release of her first studio album, I Want To Go Up, she’s making a splash with the critics, media and listeners alike. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee (sooo far from home) she had to learn how to transfer her honest, bare your soul lyrics into music without being fully in control. But with the help of her two good friends Casey Weissbuch (Diarrhea Planet) and Jake Orrall (JEFF The Brotherhood) the record has become a catchy pop rock offering of the anxieties of growing up and falling in love.

That brings us to where we are now.  At this point Green is wrapping up a major North American tour where she took the stage in several major US and Canadian cities under her solo effort as well as Weissbuch’s (who is also her touring drummer) side project Punani Huntah, a dance hall inspired musical act. I got the chance to speak to Colleen before her set at Toronto’s Smiling Buddha back in August  when she hit the stage with three local, female fronted groups; So Young, The Beverleys and Pony. Being kind of an introvert and one to take time to herself before a show (if you’ve heard the record this is no surprise), I found Green catching up on emails and sipping Canada Dry in the green room. She invited me in and I got the chance to fan girl a little (because it’s me) as well as talk to her about reaching her younger audience, letting others take the wheel and giving up things that are bad for her.

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